The MATHSMAGICS.ORG will be running a new competition in year 2020, the MMO. It is a competition that tests ability, speed and accuracy in using Magic Mathematics techniques and their application in problem solving. There are four levels for the Olympiad: Primary, Junior, Intermediate and Senior.

On the day of sitting valid entries are as follows:

  • Primary – 10 years and under
  • Junior – 12 years and under
  • Intermediate – 14 years and under
  • Senior – 16 years and under.

The Olympiad will be run under the supervision of Regional Coordinators. Names and locations of regional centres will be published here at the end of 2019.
There will be award certificates of Gold, Silver and Bronze, issued by the, for the top in the ratio 1:3:6.

If you wish to become a Regional Coordinator then please email us at

How it Works

1. Once registered, Regional Coordinators (RCs) will be sent full sample papers with answers.

2. RCs will be emailed the Olympiad tests and mark schemes a few days before the set date.

3. They print out sufficient numbers of tests.

4. Children (students) sit the test under strict exam conditions.

5. RCs then mark the papers according to the mark scheme and email back to the results on a prepared spreadsheet.

6. collates the results and awards certificates.

The Olympiad can be organised and run either through schools or through private Regional Coordinators.