About Us

Mathsmagics.org is a Malaysia based social education non – profit organization established in 6th March 2013 to promote, disseminate, research and support the system of Magic Mathematics internationally. Magic Maths transforms a tedious subject: MATHEMATICS into a playful and enjoyable to learn with smiles.

Mathsmagics.org offers a new and entirely different approach to the study of Mathematics based on pattern recognition which allowas constant expression of a learner’s creativity. The concept was reframed from Ancient Indian Scriptures and tailored according to the Malaysian Education Curriculum. 

The stake-holders including the government agency elected officials, schools’ principals, teachers, parents and students have come together to offer services, host competition and workshops, and to take a lead on the integration of Magic Mathematics into education. We believe that this approach to Mathematics enables enjoyment for all, develops a high degree of skill and leads to an understanding of the profundity of the subject.

Organisational Aims

  • To promote, sustain and increase individual and collective understanding and research of Magic Mathematics skills, study and expertise.
  • To promote the use of Magic Mathematics in teaching and learning
  • To research and develop the Magic Mathematics methods and their applications
  • To support educational groups and organisations in the use of Magic Mathematics
  • To develop Magic Mathematics resources for use in education
  • To provide courses, seminars, workshops and lectures on Magic Mathematics
  • To organise regular international conferences and competition on Magic Mathematics
  • To establish and maintain a platform for practitioners of Magic Mathematics to share their experience, research and development.