Founder & Master Trainer

Selvaraju is the Founder of Magic Mathematics Organisation (Pertubuhan Magik Matematik).

Through years of teaching experiences and research, he has developed mental calculation program based on a series of magical formulas. The formulas are based from Ancient Wisdom Techniques and known famous to cultivate interest for mathematics.  He has published numerous articles and papers promoting Magic Mathematics.

As the head of Magic Mathematics Organisation, he coordinates programmes and projects in schools and prepares lesson plans and modules. He participates in teaching for primary, secondary and adult students as well. In addition to that, the organisation provides training for teachers and parents. He has been invited to conduct Magic Maths program with News Straits Times, Yayasan Albukhary, CHILD foundation, National Schools, National Science Centre, Corporate company, State Government and Federal Government. An educator, Selvaraju has been imparting Magic Mathematics skills over the past 11 years across the country. He likes working with young minds and strongly believes that educators and parents can work together to make math learning fun for all kids. He aims to cultivate and reignite the interest in STEM subjects especially Mathematics by introducing mental calculation system called Magic Mathematics.  

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