Founder & Master Trainer

Born on the 7th of April 1979, SELVARAJU MUNIANDY originated from Kulim, Kedah, and is the 4th child out of 5 siblings in the family. His father passed away when he was very young. Raised by a single mother, he grew up developing a strong sense of determination and love towards his family. 

Tough living conditions did not stop him from acquiring education. He attended SK Tunku Abdul Malik and achieved 4As for UPSR. For his secondary education, Selvaraju attended SMK Sultan Badlishah in Kulim where he continued to do well. At this point, his love for mathematics has bloomed. He would always have with him a mathematics practice book. Then, he got accepted to SM Sains Tuanku Syed Putra in Perlis after scoring 7As for his PMR. Due to the family’s financial status, he worked harder than ever to make sure he can get into a government university. A few years later, Selvaraju graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering(mechatronics) from University Technology Malaysia.

Briefly working in the engineering field, Selvaraju realized engineering was not for him. However, his love for mathematics was still burning. In the year of 2003, he decided to turn his passion into teaching. Selvaraju started small by home tutoring a couple students. Tutoring 2-3 students became 10-15 students after a few months. Most of his students did well while a few scored with flying colors. Slowly, Selvaraju was making a name for himself. The home tutoring turned into a tuition centre soon enough.

Testimonials of previous SPM students

As the head of Magic Maths Organization(Perubuhan Magik Matematik), he coordinates programmes and projects in schools and prepares lesson plans and modules. He participates in teaching for primary, secondary and adult students as well. In addition to that, the organization provides training for teachers and parents. Besides that, Selvaraju also operates his own company ‘Mathemagics Learning Centre’ where he provides mental calculation programmes and classes for primary and secondary students, conducts online classes and produces tutorial videos. He has amazingly balanced these responsibilities since 2010. 

Having a thirst for knowledge, Selvaraju delved deep into mathematics. In the midst of his quest, he found methods and techniques that were different to the traditional concept of mathematics taught in school. Through years of studying, he has developed his own syllabus and soon after calls it Magic Mathematics. An educator, Selvaraju has been imparting Magic Mathematics skills over the past 11 years across the country. He has published numerous articles and papers promoting Magic Mathematics.

Selvaraju likes working with young minds and strongly believes that educators and parents can work together to make math learning fun for all kids. He aims to cultivate and reignite the interest in STEM subjects especially Mathematics in Malaysia  thus changing the perception of young students towards mathematics.