Make A Difference

The Magic Maths Organization is an unincorporated charity and is dependent on sponsorship, donations and service fees to help promote and impart the outcome of Magic Mathematics. Currently, we are conducting a 6-month program called Brain-Synchro. We are actively helping students from poor families get ready for SPM which was delayed to February 2021. We conduct weekly 2-hour classes in 5 different locations around Kuala Lumpur. In addition to that, online classes are provided as well. However, the attendance for the online classes are low because most of the students do not have the means to attend it.

This unfortunate situation has fueled our desire to help them even more. Feedbacks from our students and tutors have informed us of their need. Therefore, we are trying to find sponsors for 50 laptops that will be gifted to our students who need them the most. These laptops will not only help them but also provide digital accessibility to their families. Be the helping hand, consider giving, make a difference.

Help further our cause. Contact the admin for further information at